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We build Ecommerce websites to your precise specification and in compliance with best industry practices.

We also provide real-time transaction risk, reporting, and chargeback management systems.



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Authorized stakeholders instantly see project status and true earned value with our burn-down charts.


Burn-down Charts and Earned Value

Burn-down charts track the true completion status of key functional deliverables.  (The key word here is functional.  Unlike other development methodologies where status is easily miscommunicated, we are strict Agile practitioners. As a result, the highest priority work gets done first and teams only get credit for demonstrable, tested, working software.


Burn-down Charts and Velocity

Burn-down charts represent team velocity.  This is an indicator of the team's relative productivity.  With it we project whether or not we will hit both short and long-term project deadlines.  We monitor velocity constantly, alert our clients early on if there is a potential problem, and react accordingly as an integrated team.




When we manage your project, you get burn-down charts for all releases and iterations, as well as the overall project.

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