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We build Ecommerce websites to your precise specification and in compliance with best industry practices.

We also provide real-time transaction risk, reporting, and chargeback management systems.



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Excellence in Requirements Management

We are committed to excellence in stakeholder requirement management.  To achieve it, we combine industry best practices with a number of innovative processes.

For example, we record and transcribe all project-related stakeholder conversations.  We then parse them, not only for requirements, but also implied priorities, limiting beliefs, and logical conflicts.

When we suspect that a stated requirement conflicts with the project's business case, involved stakeholders are alerted.  The issue is then methodically resolved via a well-structured meeting.  Nothing is done ad-hoc and success is not left to luck.

We also methodically parse recorded conversations for system design and data modeling activities.

Qualified requirements are ultimately migrated online into traceability matrices.  With these, stakeholders easily trace any requirement's influence on system design, the Work Breakdown Structure, production tasks and their deliverables, and all Quality Assurance tests.

We are proud of this process and would be delighted to further elaborate!

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